Botox - The Surprise Treatment for Chronic Migraines That Haven't Been Helped by Anthing Else

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Can you imagine what it would be like to have a horrible migraine almost 24/7? Most migraine sufferers have occasional migraines, but some have constant headaches. It becomes necessary to learn to live with pain. The most common use of botox and facial injections is to remove wrinkles and frown lines, but there are also some surprising medical issues that can be successfully treated by botox in long island.

Life for a Chronic Migraine Sufferer - A True Story

The migraines began after a fall on cement steps and a blow to the back of her neck. She had never had migraines previously. The headaches became almost non-stop, varying in intensity. Sometimes it was necessary to rest in a darkened room for hours, but usually this wasn't possible. Pain medications weren't very effective, but helped some. However, because of side effects the pain meds were reserved for really bad days.

She married a military man and they moved throughout the U.S. and overseas. Treatment for the migraines was sought wherever they were. She earned a Masters degree online, but was no longer able to work. However, she remained persistent, always researching the best doctors and latest treatments.

World-class specialists were consulted in the U.S. and overseas. Alternative treatments such as biofeedback were tried. Surgeons considered possible neck surgery to investigate any hidden damage caused by the long-ago fall, but recommended against surgery because they considered the risks far outweighed any possible alleviation of the migraines.

Botox - Relief for Chronic Migraines

During the course of researching migraines, she learned about the use of botox for migraine relief. For years, their insurance company refused to cover botox injections and the cost was unaffordable on a military salary. The doctors she had consulted said that it would take multiple facial injections following a specific migraine protocol to bring relief.

Eventually, all of the letters, phone calls, doctors' reports and supplementary information paid off. Her health insurance company finally agreed to pay for botox injections to see if it would help her. It was miraculous. For the first time in over ten years, the migraines disappeared. It wasn't a complete cure. The insurance company would only pay for the treatment every six months and the botox treatment only worked for about four months. However, those months without pain were a blessing beyond belief.

It's believed that botox relieves migraine pain because it relaxes pain-sensitive muscles and/or blocks pain signals to the brain, but no one knows for sure. Migraine sufferers don't care. Botox could bring welcome relief from constant migraine pain when nothing else has worked.

James Christian's advanced training and certifications have made him a leader in anti-aging injectable procedures, including botox in long island. These procedures are fabulous for dropping years from a woman's face, but the potential medical benefits can't be overlooked. If you've had no success in treating a chronic migraine, consider botox in long island. Call 844-426-8696 to learn more and schedule an appointment.